About Us

Founded and based in Singapore, Holahspace is a community place for companies to list their idle space, and book storage space from warehouse providers all over Singapore. Holahspace is the easiest way for companies to monetise their idle space and showcase to potential customers.

  • Holahspace is a two-sided pay-as-you-use marketplace for the contract logistics industry that connects logistics service providers (storage partners) to business owners (storage buyers), and vice-versa.
  • We streamline the process of purchasing contract logistics services by allowing business owners to reserve services for their goods, similar to how a hotel reservation platform works.
  • Through our platform, we are creating an omnichannel experience for business owners by allowing them to have complete inventory visibility.
  • Business owners can also leverage on our data analytics that would guide them through their supply and demand planning.
  • By creating a collaborative environment with multiple logistics service providers in different areas, this means that business owners have the flexibility to create their own micro-warehouses and distribution network.
  • This not only improves delivery times but reduces the cost of establishing new warehouses when there are shifts in demand or when there is an expansion of operations.
  • Although the logistics service provider plays a significant role in customer’s satisfaction, there is currently no knowing of the capabilities of logistics service providers. However, our data-driven review system allows business owners to make smarter decisions when choosing their logistics partners.