What is Holahspace?
Holahspace is an online storage marketplace that connects storage partners who have excess storage space to storage buyers who are looking for additional storage space.
How does Holahspace works?
Storage partners list their storage space on the Holahspace platform, making it easy for storage buyers like you to search for your ideal warehouse storage.
How do I get started?
You can start by searching for your ideal warehouse space and click on “Reserve this Space” to reserve a storage facility. Alternatively, if you prefer to talk to our friendly team at Holahspace, you can always reach us at +65 8798 1055 or support@holahspace.com.
What are the items that cannot be stored?
Items that cannot be stored includes
  • Drugs or Drug Paraphernalia;
  • Firearms, flammables and any hazardous items;
  • Items that contain breakable glass;
  • Living Things;
  • Perishable Items;
  • High Value Items including antiques, fine art, fine wine, jewellery, bullion or precious stones;
  • Stolen, Illegal or items that in any way break the law(s) of the Republic of Singapore.
Pickup and Delivery
Is there a weight/height limit?
The weight/height limits are indicated in the individual storage partner’s warehouse listing.Faq listing
How do I arrange for pickup?
You can arrange for pickup through our system when you reserve a warehouse space.
How do I arrange for delivery?
You can arrange for pickup through our system when you reserve a warehouse space.
Can I self collect my items?
Yes. You can self-collect your items from your storage partner’s facility. However, you have to submit a request for self-collection through our system. If you fail to request for a self-collection beforehand, your storage partner reserves the right to refuse your entry into their facility.
Can I arrange for my own transporter for pickup and delivery?
Yes. You are encouraged to arrange for your own transporter for pickup and delivery.
Do you provide transport services?
Yes. We provide transport services (pallet and carton) to facilitate the pickup and delivery of your goods. You can book the transport services through our system.
What areas does your transport services cover?
We deliver and pickup to all parts of Singapore, except surrounding islands and military bases. Delivery surcharges apply to restricted areas such as Tuas, Jurong Island, Kranji Turf Club, Changi Airport and Sentosa.
How do I track my inventory?
Every pallet and/or carton has an unique ID, which will be listed in your reservation details. When the pallets and/or cartons are delivered to the storage facility, your storage partner will verify the IDs of the items against the reservation details on our system. If there is any discrepancy, your storage partner will highlight it to our team through our system. Similarly, during the outbound process, your storage partner will verify the IDs against the delivery order and update our system accordingly.
Pricing and Payment
Is there a minimum requirement for a storage reservation?
Yes. Reservation for storage has to be for a minimum of 7 days
What does the handling fee include?
The handling fee includes the warehouse handling of your goods when they enter and leave the storage facility.
Are the prices listed on Holahspace accurate?
The prices are subjected to change based on the prices set by our storage partners, but we try our best to ensure that the prices on our website is up to date and as accurate as possible.
How do I ensure that my goods will be safe in the Storage Partner warehouse?
All our storage partners have passed a stringent audit to ensure that their team and facilities meet our quality standards before their space is made available on our platform.
Can I visit my Storage Partner’s Warehouse?
Due to security reasons and liability of the storage facility, we do not permit physical visits to your storage partner’s facility.
How do you handle liability for the goods that are stored through the Holahspace marketplace?
Storage partners assume liability for any damage caused to the goods that they store, or for damage caused due to negligence. We encourage all goods owners to purchase their own insurance.