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3 Reasons To List Your Space

Additional Profits

Storage partners can use the extra profit to cover manpower costs, utility bills, machinery and rental costs during their off peak season.


No long-term commitments required. You can set the price of your space, list the amount of space available and determine your dates of availability.


You can use our online tool to help you manage your listings, contracts, operations and billing. Everything is all in one place.

How It Works

Sign up to be a Storage Provider

Sign up with us and start by creating a listing, which is a profile page for your warehouse.

What's in a listing?

A listing is where you upload photos of your warehouse and where you list your price. Your listing will help potential storage buyers get a feel of what your place is like.

Who can book

You set the rules on the type of goods you want to accept and you get to determine your space availability. Verified companies and storage buyers who are registered on our platform can reserve storage space.

We are here to help

We know the local law requirements and have all the right resources to help you, from getting your warehouse ready to selecting a reasonable price.

Storage buyers find your listing and reserve your services.

You will receive a reservation email when a potential buyer decides to use your services and reserve a storage space with you.

Accepting a reservation

You can accept a reservation when a potential storage buyer decides to reserve your storage space. Once you accept the reservation, your buyer will then be prompted to make payment for buying your services.

Rejecting a reservation

We understand that your business needs could face last minute fluctuations. You can choose to reject a reservation when a company initiates a reservation.

How buyers make payments

Payment modes will be arranged between Storage Partners and Storage Buyers.

Transporting the goods

Goods will be sent to your warehouse via your appointed transport partners.

Receiving the goods

All items will be properly labelled with our Holahspace tag IDs, before they are sent out. You can verify the order details through our system.

How do you get paid

Payment modes will be arranged between Storage Partners and Storage Buyers.

Earning and Fees

Listing your space on Holahspace is free.

How much to charge

How much to charge is up to you. We have also provided a price tool to help you set the price for your space.

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